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Online Class - Tremendous Textile Art Techniques 2017
12 Month online class commencing on 18th February 2017.
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Product Description
Experiment with ten tremendous textile art concepts and techniques.  The course will have ten topics and each topic will have three to five (or more) techniques, exercises or activities.

Initially spread over 10 sessions four weeks apart, the class material is yours forever.
Monthly content will include:
  1. Creating depth and dimension with the painted surface;
  2. Designing with Sheer fabrics;
  3. Building texture and layers with 'exotic' fabrics;
  4. Man made meltables - an endless world of dimensional embellishment;
  5. Adding elements that are not quite fabric;
  6. Metal, wire and bling;
  7. I am going to iron WHAT onto that? Fusible elements but not as the manufacturer designed them;
  8. Not your Nana's needlework - using stitch as a design element;
  9. Fibre to fabric, felting and more; and
  10. The embellished surface; tieing it all together.
Each month you will get unique content including video tutorials, pdf worksheets and/or handouts to print or save, loads of examples of different finishes and effects and project ideas.
You can start at any stage and work through the material in your own time.  Once you have access to the online content, it remains with you permanently.  You can go back to it at any time.  A Facebook Page will be available to share ideas, success stories and questions.  Tutor support is always available via email and other means.

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Questions (6)
What currency is the cost price in?

Hi it is in Australian dollars, so it is about 25% cheaper in US dollars

Hi Cecile, I did my registration for Tremendous textiles but not sure how to access things now. I haven't received any more emails from you, so obviously I'm missing a step somewhere. Kay

Hi Kay, I will have sent you an email with the link, but will resend the details.

Hi Cecile! We are currently doing your Stunning Surfaces ... and loving it... and would like to do the new course next year. Are you likely to run it in 2017? Ruth Ward.

sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Yes I plan to run it each year.

Hi, Just wondering if this course is suitable for beginners? I have very little sewing experience and have not done any quilting Kate

absolutely Kate. You don't need to be putting squares together or doing anything vaguely like patchwork. You will need little or no technical ability, but access to a machine, scissors, and a range of fabric scraps will be useful. One of the things I like about the textile art is that there are no rules. I will also get you to look at things around the house in very different ways so you don't need a lot of stuff to get started. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Hi Cecile would this coarse be ok to do along side of our stunning surfaces class or should we wait to we finish as this is why I am doing the stunning surfaces class to learn to make the foundation for art quilting and embellishments or do you have a art quilting coarse thanks Miranda

Hi Miranda. You can certainly do both together. The material is completely different except for two components that will overlap. The first segment in Textile art will cross over, but not be as comprehensive, as the first two segments of Stunning Surfaces. Then there is another section were we cover paper which will be similar in both, but otherwise, they are very compatible. If you do both, you will have a comprehensive array of textile art quilt skills. Cecile

Do you have a needs list? Just wondering what kinds of things I will need to source if I do the course.

hi Melissa, there will be a material list posted shortly. In most of my classes, particularly the online ones, I really want you to use what you have in the cupboard or lying around the house. I try to get you to look at textile art a little bit differently. There will be some things you might look at and decide you have to have but in all the exercises, I give you options on how to achieve the same or similar effect. You will need fabrics, double sided web, hand and sewing thread and the usual array of quilting/sewing stuff. But I think you will be surprised at what you have or can access easily. Cecile