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Stashbuster Quilts by Cecile Whatman
8 projects exploring a range of ways to use your stash, whether charms, eighths or quarters.

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About this Book
I have been fascinated over the years to watch the buying patterns of patchworkers. I see people walking along talking to their friend and suddenly stopping mid sentence, swivel on their toes and dive across to a box of fabric and pull out one or two pieces that they simply could not live without. How did they even spot that piece?   I see the dedicated and organised, with books full of tiny samples lining the page, hunting for the last few pieces to fill the gaps or bridge two impossible colours. And I see those who are systematic in their passion to collect every fabric ever produced with a certain thing on them, whether that be pansies or safety pins, bugs or grandfather clocks, even though they probably already have enough for ten quilts at home. I see all of this and I am wonder what happens with all these must have pieces of fabric once they are home in the cupboard and the thrill of the chase is over for another little while.
In truth, most of us probably need to recognise and admit that we are fabric collectors and that much of what is purchased is never going to end up in a quilt. That the sole purpose of some of this stash of fabric is to look beautiful, be there ‘just in case’ and to be stroked from time to time when the nerves are frazzled. There is nothing wrong with collecting fabric. Maybe one day our grand children will open a museum and chronologically display the development of themes and colours in fabric over a fifty year period. Maybe…
What I have learned over the years from talking to thousands of fabric collectors is that even the most balanced of us still feel a little guilt about collecting so much fabric and not using it. The problem is simple. Every time the guilt overtakes the desire to collect, a quilt is planned, the fabric sorted and a tragic discovery is made. Either there is simply not enough of certain fabrics because only fat quarters were purchased or the fabric is simply too beautiful to cut. This book is designed to help with this problem. All the quilts have been made out of my stash (and don’t I feel virtuous). They are quick, achievable quilts designed to be made with fat quarters, fat eighths, charms or scraps.   At the beginning of each pattern, I make suggestions on alternative looks or fabric choices. My next StashBusters book will look more at pieced borders and backs, but I have used meterage in my borders in most of the quilts shown.
I hope that you enjoy this book and that you can make a few drop dead gorgeous stash quilts. Once you’ve used the stash, you will feel liberated enough for chocolate and more fabric!
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