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About Us


Thanks for visiting my site.  Unique Stitching commenced trading in 2000.  It is a small family owned business located in the ACT. 

We visit many of the major craft shows each year and of course operate as a mail order web based business.

The objectives of Unique Stitching have always been about providing the best quality product at the best possible price.  We will always be competitive on price and I stand behind every product on this site.  Basicly, I wont sell something that I am not happy to use myself. 

Clubs, Subscriptions and Blocks of the Month are all aimed at being a bit different to what you might find elsewhere.

My view is that if there are rules, then they are there to be tested and stretched.  A viewpoint I don't always appreciate in my children of course!

I am very grateful for the constant help of my beautiful boys: Glenn, Stephen and Andrew.  They do all the heavy lifting and most of the product packaging around all their other activities such as school and work.

Please visit often and use the feedback form to contact me.

There are a number of ways you can keep in touch with Unique Stitching.  Here is some detail.
WEBSITE: This website is purely commercial. This is where you come to see what is new, what I have, colour charts, basic information on the products and amongst those and other things, to buy products. You can subscribe to our Website email newsletter by placing your email address in the field on the right and you will recieve emails from time to time. When you purchase from us for the first time, you have the option of receiving emails from me. In both cases, you opt in. I will never send you an unsolicited email. The site is secure and we will never sell or trade in your details. When you choose to get emails from Unique Stitching, you can expect to hear about new products, specials, promotions and our show schedule. You can unsubscribe at any time. Please take care when adding your details. Every time I send an email I get dozens bounce back because the address is not correct. Correct details are essential when placing an order, because sometimes I have to talk to you and it can be hard if your details are not correct. We aim to get 90% of all orders out within 24 hours and 95% out in 48 hours. If you have not got notification of your order shipping in that time or an email or phone call from me, please get in touch because something will have gone amiss.

BLOG: I have a couple of Blogs that I run. For me this is about education and information. On my blogs, you will see basic step by step tutorials on things I am working on, new projects, free information, patterns, ideas and hopefully inspiration. The Blog will always be newsier than the web because I get the opportunity to talk more. And we all know how much I hate to talk! I will still announce new products and events, but it is more interactive and I encourage you to participate. My vision for my main blog is to build a library of information and helpful instructions. You can find the Blog by clicking on the link above or this link: You can subscribe to the blog with an email address which means that when I update it you will get the posting directly into your email intray. I encourage you to share and repost information I load there as long as I am acknowledged as the author in some way. In addition to this, from time to time I will give away random prizes and gifts for subscribers. As a subscriber you are the first to receive free instructions and patterns. So please pop over, check it out and join me by subscribing if you like.

Finally, there is FACEBOOK. I have stopped resisting the trend and set up a Unique Stitching business page. There were a number of reasons I did this. Long term, this website will be linked to Facebook, so that was a motivator, but I also found that some people and my family and friends wanted to know what I was doing and the web and the blog were not the best place for this level of information. Facebook is much more personal. I will talk much more about what I am doing on a day to day basis, what the boys are up to, where I am and what new things have arrived. I will announce new stock deliveries on Facebook most of the time, but it will be an alert. The Facebook page is more about what and who we are. For those of you who are on Facebook, search for Unique-Stitching and 'Like' the page and that will link my page to yours. I will have been running more random give aways on Facebook and welcome your comments and participation. For the first time in ages, my parents have real information on what I am doing. They are happy if no one else is, so please join me there too. or Join me if you like.